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1) Furnace Lining Feature In order to quickly heat up the furnace, save energy consumption, and control sensitively, roof, side and back wall lining adopts full fiber structure.To increase the strength of the furnace frame, in the furnace bottom and bogie parts bonded brick building with fire-resistant fibers. The structure has the following characteristics: A. Light weight, less heat storage B. Good insulation, furnace wall is low-temperature (the side surface of furnace temperature rise of less than +45 ºC). C. Compared with the traditional brick lining, it can increase energy utilization efficiency of about 20%, saving energy, reduce the running cost, fast return on investment. 2) Door Lifting The door is vertically moving up and down with driven force by electric hoist sprocket. 3) Security measure the corresponding movement of the surface lubrication oiling device, and to take a reliable dust-proof measures to ensure good lubrication of the lubrication points, safe and reliable. The whole system of devices, including natural gas, compressed air, combustion air, mechanical drive, the furnace pressure and exhaust system, equipped with chain protection, alarm, metering, automatic adjustment, so as to ensure the safe operation of equipment. 4) The control system It includes computer, PLC control and instruments systems. Control cabinet housing and support facilities, are connecting with grounding protection, both meets the national electrical standards.