China Factory OEM walking beam reheating furnace

1.  furnace duty: it is supplied for heating copper inget/slab. 2. Technical parameters and mechanical components 2.1 Main Technical Parameters
No. Name Technical parameters
1 Description Walking beam type copper/brass slab heater
2 Material Copper ,brass,cupro-nickel alloy etc
3 Slab size Thickness 160mm160mm Width 400~420mm400~420mm Length 3000~4600mm3000~4600mm Standard Max. weight: 2.75t/piece/(160×420×4600mm) 2.75t/(160×420×4600mm)
4 Heating capacity Minium 12t/h, 4slab/h(1slab:160×420×4600mm) :12t/h  4/h(160×420×4600mm)
5 Heating temperature 730~750ºC±5ºC(max 850ºC)
6 Hearth temperature () 800~900ºC
7 Fuel Natural gas LNG
8 Heat value 8900Kcal/ Nm3
9 Air preheating temperature 250~450ºC
10 Heat efficiency of the furnace ≥45%
11 Thermal control pattern Auto/ manual,impulse , remote control ,,
12 Burner type Imported flat flame burners of Germany KROM schroder. heating zone each burner:23 Nm3/h;soaking zone each burner:15 Nm3/h KROM schroder.23 Nm3/h;15Nm3/h
13 Number of burners Total: 18 PCS,heating zone:8PCS, Soaking zone: 10 PCS 18,8,10
14 Rated burning capacity Max:334 Nm3/h :334 Nm3/h
15 Dimension of the hearth W5000×H1200×L8000mm 5000×1200×8000mm
16 Loading capacity 16slabs/batch×2.75t/piece=44t/batch 16/×2.75t/=44t/
17 Total length of furnace ~11m ~11
18 Loading and unloading method End feeding and side discharge
19 Loading pattern Single row,3 zones,preheating zone2.5m,heating zone 3.5m,soaking zone 2m ,, 2.5m,3.5m,2.0m
20 Vertical movement of walking beams: Lifting: 90mm, 90mm Lowering: 80mm 80mm
21 Horizontal travel of walking beams: 500mm
22 Heat interchanger Hot tubular exchanger
23 Heated up time ~4 hours ~4
24 Quantity of heated up zone 3 zones 4sections 34
25 Material and space Slab: W420mm; slab in furnace:16pcs; Gap between slab and slab: 80mm; Stroke : 500mm 420mm;16;80mm;500mm
* Walking Beam Type Slab Heater Technical Data
Parts Name Parameters Guarantee value &precision value Remarks
Production quality Slab tapping temperature contrast ±5ºC
Slab full-length curvature ≤5mm/m
Surface quality No scratches, ,
Loading Device Loading speed 7.5min/time 7.5min/
Storing materials ≥3 PCS
Length measuring bias ±5mm
Width measuring bias ±3mm
Charging positioning accuracy ±5mm
Travel route measuring ±5mm
Combustion system Hearth pressure control accuracy ±10Pa ±10Pa
Furnace temperature control accuracy ±5ºC
Furnace atmosphere control accuracy Micro-oxidizing O2≤2%
Micro- reducibility CO:0~1%
Burner Life ≥3 years
Walking beam Device Total running deviation(cold) () ±20mm
Total running deviation(hot) () ±30mm
One walking beam precision ±1.5mm
Furnace shell Furnace wall temperature Max 45ºC
Fiber refractory lining life ≥5 years
Bottom furnace refractory life ≥5 years
Unloading device Furnace door opening-close time 7.5min/time
Heat exchanger Air preheating temperature ≥300ºC
Heat exchanger life ≥3 years
Exchanger flue gas exit temperature ≤450ºC
Cooling water Water seal yielding water temperature Max 60ºC
Others Furnace output ≥ 12t/h
Sound from 1m from operating point 1 ≤85db
Furnace thermal efficiency ≥45%
* Energy and Media Consumption::
No. Item Consumption value Remarks
1 Natural gas 350Nm3/h Heat value: 8900Kcal/Nm3 8900Kcal/Nm3
2 Cycle water 12m3/h
3 Soft water 4 m3/h
4 Electric 5KWh/t
5 Nitrogen 12 Nm3/time 12 Nm3/
6 Compressed air 0.2 Nm3/time 0.2 Nm3/