China H13 Die Steel Supplier

technical parameter:

H13 chemical composition%:

C: 0.32~0.45,

Si: 0.80~1.20,

Mn: 0.20~0.50,

S :≤0.030

P: ≤ 0.030,

Cr: 4.75~5.50,

Mo: 1.10~1.75,

Ni: ≤0.25

V: 0.80~1.20,

Heat treatment: (delivery status: Brinell hardness HBW10/3000 (less than or equal to 235)),

Quenching: 790 degrees +-15 degrees preheating, 1000 degrees (salt bath) or 1010 degrees (furnace control atmosphere) +-6 degrees heating, heat preservation 5~15min air cooling, 550 degrees +-6 degrees tempering; annealing, hot processing

Examples of typical applications:

(1) Used to manufacture forging dies, hot extrusion dies and precision forging dies with large impact load.

(2) Die casting molds for aluminum, copper and their alloys.

The performance and use of H13:

The steel has excellent high temperature tensile strength, excellent wear resistance, sufficient toughness and thermal crack resistance. The pure steel is a new type of die steel H13, which can be widely used in requirements of high toughness and thermal fatigue resistance, working temperature <700℃ The hot work mold. (In addition to high hardness, strength, red hardness, wear resistance and toughness, hot work die steel should also have good high temperature strength, thermal fatigue stability, thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance. In addition, it also requires high The hardenability to ensure that the entire section has consistent mechanical properties. For die-casting die steel, it should also have the surface layer to withstand repeated heating and cooling without cracks, and withstand the impact and erosion of liquid metal flow.) Theory and Practice has proved that as long as the conventional forging and heat treatment processes are implemented correctly, the hot working quality of H13 steel can be reliably guaranteed, and advanced hot working technology is promoted and applied. It can improve the performance and life of H13 steel.

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