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Characteristics of the equipment 1,Design according to the proportion of human engineering, easy operation, modern appearance. 2,Argon Arc full Welding of all stainless Steel in Inner to prevent dust from the machine itself. 3,Unique air-duct design to ensure the temperature inside is uniformity 4,First-class technology of heat &thermal insulation, sealing effect is excellent. 5,Double over-temperature protection, safer and more reliable. 6,Heating up fast, and the temperature is stable and accurate. 7,The shell temperature is low, which has little effect on the indoor environment temperature. 8,According to the product set up a variety of heating and air mode, energy saving, safety and environmental protection. 9,Module design:Each section manipulation and operation in flexible independently can be available. 10,Colors can be customized base on color card.

Heat treatment furnace

Fuel types: coal, oil, natural gas, producer gas, blast furnace gas, mixed gas, etc

Furnace type: room type, trolley type, tunnel type, etc

Processing workpiece: cylinder, pressure vessel, structural welding parts, etc

Treatment process: normalizing, quenching, tempering, annealing, etc

Heating method: preheat

Furnace body: brick, castable, full fiber lining, etc

Workpiece temperature: 600-1100 degrees different

Workpiece size: customer requirements

Loading capacity: customer requirements

Energy consumption: field investigation of the same case (40-80kg standard coal is different, according to the process requirements)