Cr12Mov 430*20

Chemical composition

     C                Si                 Mn                   P                     S                     Cr                            Mo                        V

1.40-1.60        ≤0.40           ≤0.40              ≤0.030            ≤0.030            11.00-13.00             0.40-0.60             0.15-0.30

Delivered with annealed black leather (+ sandblasting), hardness ≤255HB(or according to contract standard).

With high hardenability, the section below 300-400mm can be completely quenched;
Can still maintain good hardness and wear resistance at 300-400°C;
It has higher toughness than Cr12 steel.
The volume change during quenching is minimal.

It is suitable for making various molds and tools with large section, complex shape and large impact load. Punch die with complex shape, insert on complex die, deep drawing die for steel plate, drawing die, thread rubbing plate, cold extrusion die, cold cutting scissors, circular saw, standard tools, measuring tools, etc.

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