Cr8 (Cr12 Improved Type )

Chemical composition

     C                Si                 Mn                   P                     S                     Cr                            Mo                        V 1.45-1.60        ≤0.40           ≤0.40              ≤0.030            ≤0.030            7.60-8.20                         -                           -

Delivered with annealed black leather (+ sandblasting), hardness ≤255HB(or according to contract standard).

Like Cr12, it belongs to high-carbon and high-ming cold-work die steel, with good hardenability and wear resistance, and small quenching deformation; Plasticity and toughness are better than Cr12, but hardness and strength are equivalent to Cr12. It is mostly used to manufacture cold work molds with high wear resistance and small impact load; Cutting tools that are not hard to process materials; plastic molds that require wear resistance.

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