Industrial walking beam furnace Customer – made step furnace

* Walking Beam Type Slab Heater Technical Data Main Technical Parameters
No. Name Technical parameters
1 Description Walking beam type copper/brass slab heater
2 Material Copper ,brass,cupro-nickel alloy etc
3 Slab size Thickness 160mm160mm Width 400~420mm400~420mm Length 3000~4600mm3000~4600mm Standard Max. weight: 2.75t/piece/(160×420×4600mm) 2.75t/(160×420×4600mm)
4 Heating capacity Minium 12t/h, 4slab/h(1slab:160×420×4600mm) :12t/h  4/h(160×420×4600mm)
5 Heating temperature 730~750ºC±5ºC(max 850ºC)
6 Hearth temperature () 800~900ºC
7 Fuel Natural gas LNG
8 Heat value 8900Kcal/ Nm3
9 Air preheating temperature 250~450ºC
10 Heat efficiency of the furnace ≥45%
11 Thermal control pattern Auto/ manual,impulse , remote control ,,
12 Burner type Imported flat flame burners of Germany KROM schroder. heating zone each burner:23 Nm3/h;soaking zone each burner:15 Nm3/h KROM schroder.23 Nm3/h;15Nm3/h
13 Number of burners Total: 18 PCS,heating zone:8PCS, Soaking zone: 10 PCS 18,8,10
14 Rated burning capacity Max:334 Nm3/h :334 Nm3/h
15 Dimension of the hearth W5000×H1200×L8000mm 5000×1200×8000mm
16 Loading capacity 16slabs/batch×2.75t/piece=44t/batch 16/×2.75t/=44t/
17 Total length of furnace ~11m ~11
18 Loading and unloading method End feeding and side discharge
19 Loading pattern Single row,3 zones,preheating zone2.5m,heating zone 3.5m,soaking zone 2m ,, 2.5m,3.5m,2.0m
20 Vertical movement of walking beams: Lifting: 90mm, 90mm Lowering: 80mm 80mm
21 Horizontal travel of walking beams: 500mm
22 Heat interchanger Hot tubular exchanger
23 Heated up time ~4 hours ~4
24 Quantity of heated up zone 3 zones 4sections 34
25 Material and space Slab: W420mm; slab in furnace:16pcs; Gap between slab and slab: 80mm; Stroke : 500mm 420mm;16;80mm;500mm
Furnace door shell is welded with steel plate and steel structure, inside lining is made of refractory fiber and inner refectory lining is made of steel fiber castables.  Furnace door is drive by motor, reducer, transmission, chain, and the drive gear, 2 furnace door clamping cylinder connect the sealing blade on the furnace door with sealing ring (aluminum material fiber woven belt ), assuring furnace good air-tightness. End of the chain fixed with sprocket wheel, furnace door downward move depend on its deadweight. Movements of furnace door is controlled by PLC. Furnace Door and structure use water cooling structure, preventing deformation of the structure, effectively assuring hermetic, Furnace Door lifting speed: ~ 0.02m/s/0.16m / s. And furnace is equipped with ladder, maintenance table and maintenance platform and fence.