Chemical composition

     C                Si                 Mn                   P                     S                     Cr                            Mo                        V 0.90-1.05        0.80-1.10           0.20-0.60              ≤0.030            ≤0.030            7.50-8.50             1.80-2.10             0.15-0.35

Delivered with annealed black leather (+ sandblasting), hardness ≤255HB(or according to contract standard).

The hardness of heat treatment was separated from D2/1.2379/Cr12Mo1V1, and reached 61-63HRC after high temperature tempering (525±5℃); In terms of strength and wear resistance, the toughness is higher than that of D2/1.2379/Cr12Mo1V1; the manufacture of mold cracks and cracking rarely, greatly improve the service life; The residual stress after wire cutting is smaller than that of Cr12Mo1V1; The cutting performance and grinding performance exceed Cr12Mo1V1. Suitable for manufacturing precision blanking die for wire cutting and cold forging, deep drawing and wire rubbing die for stamping die.

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