Experienced Factory Source Step-by-step Walking Beam Heating Furnace For Sale

The step type heating furnace is a kind of continuous heating furnace which relies on the rising, advancing, descending and retreating movements of the bottom of the furnace or the water-cooled metal beam to transfer the material billet step by step.The furnace has a fixed bottom and a stepping bottom, or a fixed beam and a stepping beam.The former is called step bottom type furnace, the latter is called step beam type furnace.The stepping beam of a heating furnace for steel rolling usually consists of a water-cooled pipe.The step beam type furnace can realize heating on both sides of the material billet.Compared with pushing steel type furnace, its advantages are: transport flexible, when necessary, can be all out of the furnace charge;The material billets are spaced on the bottom of the furnace or on the beam, which can be heated evenly and quickly.The fault of arch steel and sticking steel in push steel furnace is completely eliminated, so the length of furnace is not restricted by these factors. Improved step by step heating furnace, belongs to the metallurgical industry production facilities, it includes furnace body, the side of the furnace body from outside introversion, low cement material layer, insulating brick, aluminum silicate fiber blanket insulation, furnace body is divided into preheating section, heating zone, soaking zone, heating zone to set the two sides of the side wall flame burner, soaking zone heating period of flat flame burner, soaking zone of the heating section set the flame burner, the flame burner gas and air mixture pipeline set on solenoid valve and control valve, flat flame burner gas and air mixture pipeline set on the regulator, air total pipeline and gas pipeline is set on the roof.A device for heating materials or workpieces.Widely spread, heat treatment, surface treatment, building materials, electronics, materials, light industry, daily chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries. Parameters 1、The name of furnace:step into the furnace 2、The types of fuel:blast furnace gas,mixed gas and producer gas,natural gas,etc. 3、Add steel material:carbon steel,low and steel,carbon steel,stainless steel,etc. 4、The blank size:standard billet,stab,etc. 5、A discharge method:side in side out,side in side out,side in measure,etc. 6、The combustion mode:empty gas double regenerative,let gas heat storage,gas heat,etc. 7、The heating capacity:<300t/h 8、The heating temperature:1150-1250℃ 9、Stepping cooling water cooling,evaporation cooling(forced circulation) 10、Comparable unit consumption:<1.05GJ/t steel 11、The oxidation burning loss:<1% Step furnace advantage: 1、Heating flexible 2、The heating quality is good:there is a certain gap between billet,billet heating,temperature is uniform,no scratches,billet surface billet no black print. 3、Long furnace unrestricted:pushing steel than without limit,can heat long and thin material,etc. 4、Easy operation:according to the production situation of electrodes in the furnace can be come out,shortening the time of blow-in,it due to there are gaps between billet steel 5、Can accurately control the position of the billet,easy to realize automation.