H13 hot work die steel

Basic Information:

H13 is hot work die steel, which implements the standard GB/T1299-2000. ; Brand 4Cr5MoSiV1; Alloy tool steel is abbreviated as Hegong steel, which is a steel grade formed by adding alloying elements on the basis of carbon steel. Among them, composite steel includes: steel for measuring tools and cutting tools, steel for impact-resistant tools, cold work die steel, hot work die steel, non-magnetic die steel, and plastic die steel.

2. Chemical composition









3. Purpose

H13 die steel is used to manufacture forging dies with high impact load, hot extrusion dies, precision forging dies; die-casting dies for aluminum, copper and their alloys.

It is the introduction of H13 air quench hardening hot work die steel from the United States. Its properties and uses are basically the same as 4Cr5MoSiV steel, but because of its higher vanadium content, its medium temperature (600 degrees) performance is better than 4Cr5MoSiV steel. It is a representative steel grade with a wide range of uses in hot work die steel.

4. Specifications

H13 die steel plate   width (210-610) * thickness (6-80)   hot rolled

H13 mould steel pipe   outer diameter (6-219) * wall thickness (0.5-25)

H13 die steel ingot   electroslag ingot 0.35T 0.5T 0.75T 1.0T

1.5T 1.8T 2.0T 2.2T 2.8T (3.0-8.0)T

5. Heat treatment

(Delivery status: Brinell hardness HBW10/3000 (less than or equal to 235))

Quenching: 790 degrees ± 15 degrees preheating

1000 degrees (salt bath) or 1010 degrees (furnace control atmosphere) ± 6 degrees heating

Insulation 5~15min air cooling

550 degrees ± 6 degrees tempering annealing, thermal processing;

6. Features

Electroslag remelted steel, the steel has high hardenability and thermal crack resistance, the steel contains a higher content of carbon and vanadium, good wear resistance, relatively weakened toughness, and has good heat resistance. At higher temperatures, it has better strength and hardness, high wear resistance and toughness, excellent comprehensive mechanical properties and high tempering resistance stability.

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