Chemical composition

     C                Si                 Mn                   P                     S                     Cr                            Mo                        V 0.32-0.45       0.80-1.20        0.20-0.50         ≤0.030          ≤0.030           4.75-5.50                 1.10-1.75             0.80-1.20

Delivered with annealed black leather (+ sandblasting), hardness ≤255HB(or according to contract standard).

 Air cooling hardening method for die steel, is the most widely used hot work die steel; High toughness and cold and hot fatigue resistance; It has good toughness, thermal fatigue resistance and certain wear resistance at medium temperature. The cavitation heat treatment type becomes smaller, and the oxide scale produced by air quenching has a small tendency and can resist the erosion of molten aluminum. Manufacture of thermal press dies and mandrels for the manufacture of aluminum alloy profiles; Die casting die for die pole hammer, die for forging press, die hammer for fine silver machine; die die for aluminum, copper and their alloys with transverse cavity temperature rising below 600℃

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