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Overview Walking-type heating furnace is a widely used furnace type with rapid development. It is the main furnace type that replaces push-saw heating furnace. It has an incomparable advantage over push-steel furnace. Advantages of walking furnace: 1. Flexible heating 2. Good heating quality: there is a certain gap between the billets, the billet is heated on all sides, the temperature is relatively uniform, the billet surface has no scratches, and the billet has no black marks. 3. Unrestricted furnace length: It is not restricted by the push-to-steel ratio, and can heat thin and long materials. 4. Convenient operation: according to the production situation, the blanks in the furnace can be withdrawn from the furnace, shortening the furnace opening time, because there is a gap between the blanks, it is not easy to stick. 5. The position of the blank can be accurately controlled to facilitate automatic operation. parameter 1. Furnace name: walking-type heating furnace. 2. Fuel types: blast furnace gas, mixed gas, producer gas, natural gas, etc. 3. Adding steel materials: carbon structure steel, low-grade steel, stainless steel, etc. 4. Blank size: standard square billet, slab, etc. 5. Loading and unloading methods: side in and side out, end in and end out, end in and out, etc. 6. Combustion method: double heat storage of air and gas, single heat storage of air capacity, heat exchange of air capacity, etc. 7. Heating capacity: <300t/h 8. Heating temperature: 1150-1250℃ 9. Step cooling method: water cooling, vaporization cooling (forced circulation) 10. Comparable unit consumption: <1.05GJ/t steel 11. Oxidation burn loss: <1%