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Heating furnace structure: According to the furnace temperature distribution, the furnace chamber along the length direction is divided into preheating section, heating section and soaking section. The lower temperature of the furnace at the feeding end is the preheating section.Heating section is the primary heating section, the furnace temperature is higher, to facilitate the end of rapid heating. The soaking zone is located at the discharging end, and the difference between the temperature of furnace and the temperature of metal material is very small, which ensures that the cross section temperature of charging billet is even. Working principle of heating furnace: The furnace used for heating small broken cloth preheating section and heating section only. On the habit also according to the furnace equipment burner heating zone division furnace, according to the number of heating zone called the furnace a section, two section, so that five section, six section, etc.50 ~ 60 s, because the mill can be increased, and the length of the push steel furnace by push steel length limit can not be too long, so the beginning of the feed end to add heating belt, undo the heating preheating section, to improve the productivity of unit furnace bottom area.When the slab is heated in this kind of furnace, the unit area output value of the bottom of the furnace reaches 900 ~ 1000 kg/m2, and the heat consumption is about 0.5 ~ 0.65 ×106 kcal/ton.Since the 1970s, because of the energy saving demand, and because the new step type furnace promised to add furnace length, so the preheating section without heating is added, the best furnace bottom unit area output value is 600 ~ 650 kg/(meter 2· hour), heat consumption is about (0.3 ~ 0.5) ×106 kcal/ton. Continuous reheating furnace usually USES gas fuel, heavy oil or coal, some burning block coal.For efficient use of waste gas heat, equipment preheats air and gas heat exchangers in the flue, or equipment waste heat boilers. Under the condition that the frequency does not change, the influence factors of medium frequency induction forging heating furnace, heat treatment pin shaft and the depth of quenching and hardening layer are as follows: 1. Power adjustment 2. Heating time or moving speed 3. Quenching fluid type selection and flow pressure 4. Power size, beat, coil design of induction furnace, etc 5. Frequency, power, inductor production of heating equipment, heating time, heating temperature, coolant, length of cooling time, material, etc