After the integration of the production capacity of 5 steel companies, Xugang Phase III and Sino-Singapore Steel Speed up the construction

According to the article “Zhuang Zhaolin Investigating the Progress of Some Projects in the Remediation of the Four Major Industries” published by the “Xuzhou Daily”, on August 23, the mayor of Xuzhou Zhuang Zhaolin adopted the “four non-two straight” approach to investigate Xuzhou’s promotion of the four major industries layout The construction status of some projects in the process of optimization and transformation and upgrading.

The article mentioned that Xuzhou Iron and Steel Group is an enterprise supported by the optimization of the layout of the steel industry in Xuzhou. This year, the company plans to invest 10 billion yuan to implement the third phase of the project, which has been listed as a major industrial project in Xuzhou. At present, project filing approval has been obtained, two steel rolling production lines have been approved by environmental impact assessment, the coal replacement plan for the third phase has passed expert review, and energy assessment, safety assessment, and environmental assessment reports have been basically completed. Zhuang Zhaolin went to the project construction site to learn more about the project progress and product structure. He pointed out that Xugang Group must seize the major opportunities of optimization and transformation and upgrading of the steel industry, focus on optimizing product structure, develop high-quality special steel products, and further enhance production efficiency. It is necessary to increase the efforts to advance the project, ensure the completion of the timely progress, and promote the project to be put into production as soon as possible.
The article also mentioned that the Xinyi Zhongxin Iron and Steel Special Steel Plate Production Base project plans to invest 15 billion yuan and add more than 1,200 acres of land. After the project reaches full capacity, it can achieve an annual production capacity of 3.5 million tons of iron and 2.7 million tons of steel. . Zhuang Zhaolin inspected the project promotion work on-site and understood the project construction progress in detail. He pointed out that promoting the optimization and transformation and upgrading of the four major industries is not only an urgent need to promote air pollution prevention and control actions and win the battle against the blue sky, but also an important measure to optimize the industrial layout, promote industrial transformation and upgrading, and achieve high-quality development. It is necessary to further raise awareness, attach great importance to it, make every effort to accelerate the progress of the project, and promote the early completion of the project, early production and early results.
It is understood that after Xuzhou Steel and Sino-Singapore Steel have integrated the production capacity of five local steel companies in Xuzhou, including Steel, Penggang, Taifa, Rongyang, and Longyuan, they will build three blast furnaces over 2000 cubic meters and two 120-ton converters. , The planned production time is June 2021.


Background introduction
On May 20, 2019, the Department of Industry and Information Technology of Jiangsu Province successively issued two public announcement documents: “Announcement on the Capacity Replacement Plan for the Iron and Steel Smelting Project of China-Singapore Steel Group Co., Ltd.” and “About the Capacity Replacement of the Ironmaking Construction Project of Xugang Group Publicity of the plan. The content of the announcement shows that Sino-Singapore Steel Group will build two 2050 m3 blast furnaces and two new steelmaking capacity with 4,357,500 tons of ironmaking capacity and 3.4 million tons of steelmaking capacity exited by Chenggang Group, Penggang Group, Taifa Steel and Rongyang Steel. 120 tons converter. The Xugang Group used Rongyang Iron and Steel, Longyuan Iron and Steel and the two blast furnaces that it withdrew from a total of 2,262,500 tons of ironmaking capacity to build a new 2,120 cubic meter blast furnace.
It is reported that on April 22 this year, the People’s General Office of Jiangsu Province issued the “Promotion Work Plan for Promoting the Transformation, Upgrading and Optimizing the Layout of the Iron and Steel Industry in the Province”. The plan requires that by 2020, the smelting capacity in Xuzhou will be reduced by more than 30% compared to 2017. , To integrate into two large-scale steel complexes with high equipment level, long and short process combination, and low energy consumption and emissions. The above two capacity replacement plans show that the Xuzhou City Government has taken an important step towards this goal.