What should be paid attention to in the operation of the steel rolling heating furnace?

What are the specific contents to pay attention to when using the steel rolling heating furnace? Do many people often use the steel rolling heating furnace? In order to better prevent many people from making some mistakes in the operation process, many people should be careful Read the article, everyone in the following, sort out the content for you friends.

  1. steel rolling

   Steel rolling is used to change the castings between the rotating hot-rolled steel strips, and the slab-like working pressure production process is called steel rolling. The purpose of steel rolling is the same as other working pressure production and processing. On the one hand, it is to better obtain the desired appearance, such as: thick steel plate, hot-rolled strip steel, cable and various channel steel, etc.; on the other hand, In order to better improve the internal quality of steel, the common automotive plates, bridge steel, heating furnace steel, pipeline steel, threaded steel, construction rebar, electric welder silicon steel sheet, galvanized steel plate, tin plate, including train wheels are all Produced and processed according to the rolling process.

  2.heat treatment furnace

  In the iron and steel industry, a heat treatment furnace is a machine (industrial electric furnace) that heats the raw material or product workpiece (usually a metal material) to the forging temperature of cold rolling.

   heat treatment furnaces are used in crude oil, chemical plants, metallurgical industry, mechanical equipment, heat treatment processes, metal surface treatment, decorative building materials, electronic devices, raw materials, light industry, daily chemical products, pharmaceuticals and many other industries.


3. The specific use of steel rolling heating furnace needs to pay attention to the following multiple levels of content

   Youzo environmental protection and energy saving emphasizes that in the early stage when all the controllers are invested in operation, the operation of heat insulation regulations is generally fully automatic, and the setting of the controller comes from the process regulations. It can be used manually when the fully-automatic controller fails or is repaired. It can be used manually when there is a safety accident or the fully-automatic components are destroyed.

   In order to better maintain the furnace for long-term and effective use, maintenance and attention should be paid to its use; the zinc dust should be removed on time; the water flow, temperature and pressure of the water-cooled heat dissipation prefabricated components in the furnace should be checked frequently.

   When the centrifugal fan has common faults or the power supply is suddenly turned off, the air supply will slowly terminate. At this time, the air on the burner, the gas gate valve and the gas main gate valve must be quickly closed.

  Oven: The heat treatment furnace must remove the water in the filling wall before manufacturing, after maintenance or overhaul, that is, the oven. The oven time should take into account all aspects. Here are some reference data information: Before the production of a 150t stepping motor beam heat treatment furnace, the indoor temperature was raised to 150°C for 60 hours in 36 hours; the temperature was raised to 350°C at a temperature increase rate of 15°C/h, and the temperature was kept for 60 hours. ; Raise the temperature to 600°C at a temperature increase rate of 15°C/h and keep it for 48 hours; then increase the temperature to 8000°C at a temperature increase rate of 20°C/h and keep it for 36 hours; then increase the temperature at a temperature increase rate of 20°C/h Warm to 1200°C and keep for 36h. The total oven time is 14 days. The repaired oven is to raise the temperature to 200℃ and keep it for 4 hours; raise the temperature to 700℃ at a temperature raising rate of 20℃/h and keep it for 4 hours; then raise the temperature to 1200℃ at a temperature raising rate of 50℃/h and keep it for 4 hours . The total oven time is 2 days, and the rich time can be increased to three days. After the overhaul, the oven was heated at a temperature increase rate of 25°C/h to 600°C and kept for 6 hours; then at a temperature increase rate of 50°C/h to 1200°C and kept for 4 hours. The total oven time is about 2 days.

  Fire: Newly created, size repaired or long-term out of use gas pipeline outside the furnace must be clear before the gas in the pipeline. During use, pay attention to whether the pipeline and accessories leak.

   The use of expelling the gas in the pipeline and fittings to the air outside the production workshop is called venting, that is, N2 (or steam) is used to expel the gas, and then gas is used to expel N2 (or steam). The dispersal is carried out in sections, and it is from the supervisor to each person in charge to the end of each riser to the gas pipe before the burner. Pass N2 to the required time and confirm that the replacement is good, stop entering N2, then enter the gas and expel N2 from the vent pipe. After this process is carried out, take samples from the sampling tube at the end of the gas pipeline and perform an outbreak experiment. You can turn off the relief valve and feel that the segment ends in relief. If it does not pass, it will be expelled for a period of time and the outbreak experiment will be done until it reaches the standard.

  The outbreak experiment was completed in a bucket with a diameter of 70-100 mm and a length of 300 mm. Ignite a fire ball at a safety address slightly far away from the gas spot and place it on the ground. Turn the barrel of the barrel filled with the test piece to the fire ball, open the lid of the barrel and ignite the test piece in the barrel. When the fire is slow and silent When it is burned to the bottom of the cylinder, it is deemed to be up to the standard; if it ignites quickly after ignition, it indicates that there are multiple gases; if it ignites quickly after ignition or causes detonation, it indicates that the test piece has exploded within the scope, and the latter two conditions should be completed again Release, and repeat the outbreak experiment.

When firing in front of the burner, first exhaust air to the burner slightly (open the gas butterfly valve by 20%~30%), then open the gas valve in front of the burner (open 1/3~1/2), and use burning oil The pure cotton yarn is ignited, and then the gas and gas volume are gradually adjusted. If the gas is not ignited after spraying out, the gas gate valve in front of the burner should be turned off immediately, and the ignition should be repeated after the combustible compounds in the furnace have been removed.

What are the specific contents that need to be paid attention to when using the steel rolling heating furnace? We have already sorted out the warm-hearted classification for all friends above. We hope that many people can keep in mind the environmental protection and energy saving, so that we can make friends Our use is more secure, and others will feel at ease.