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Reheating Firnace,After cooling, the slab or blank must be reheated and "softened" for the next molding operation (such as rolling, forging, or extrusion), and the method is rise the temperature to 1600 ° F to 2500 ° F. The process is carried out in a reheating furnace, which is a steel structure protected by the internal refractory. There are many different reheating furnace designs, including the most common and comprehensive types:walking-beamfurnace, walking-beam hearth, rotary hearth furnace, pusher type furnace and batch furnace. Each of these furnace types varies in length, capacity, width, temperature distribution and refractory design, depending on the configuration and temperature requirements of the product being heat treated. Process design system features: The system adopts the continuous heating system of heating furnace bottom generally USES gasification cooling. Furnace tail push side out steel or steel furnace furnace tail push steel tapping furnace end. Using air preheater preheating. Fuel for the generator gas, city gas, natural gas. such as the system is divided into six parts: heating furnace system, fuel furnace system, air system, smoke exhaust system, temperature control and automation systems, evaporative cooling circulatory system these systems constitute an organic whole, suitable for all kinds of specifications, billet, slab production and processing.   The main technical parameters and performance: 1. Name: heating furnace steel continuous heating furnace 2. The types of fuel: blast furnace gas, mixed gas and producer gas, natural gas.elc 3. The heating steel:  steel, low and diamond, optimal carbon steel 4. Blank size: standard, 150mm(160)*150mm(160)*12000mm(6000) 5. Pretend to steel way: end into the measure, or the steel cantilever roller, hydraulic push into steel machine. 6. The combustion mode: empty gas double regenerative heat, air single heat storage, and conventional combustion air heat type, etc. 7. The heating capacity: <200t/h.  The heating temperature:1150-1250℃ 8. The bottom of the furnace cooling water pipes method:evaporation cooling or water cooling. 9. Comparable unit consumption: 1.1GJ/t steel