One ton forging furnace gas heating furnace

Advantages:  High combustion efficiency, emission targets reach to achieve national environmental standards; Fully automatic temperature control, high precision temperature control; Can keep the record of temperature, pressure and alarm for above one month. High safety factor, with a variety of fault alarm records; A small number of Nozzles, low maintenance costs. Summary: environmental protection and energy saving, high degree of automation, high efficiency, safe and reliable. Our Company's Advantages: Technical advantages World-class scientific research equipment Strong research team including 50 experts, professors, senior engineers and other high-tech R&D  specialists. Established strategic partnership with famous universities and research institues in China and abroad. Latest concept of factory and production line design. Capability of new equipment invention and development. Planning and design advantages of whole production line From research, design report, demonstration, designing, proposal to fabrication, engineering construction, engineer commissioning and maintain service, all can be customized in Hebei Annuo. Quality advantages Quality is our life.Quality management team is leaded by general manager, rugular quality meetings and market feedback meetings are held once a week. Project construction advantages Adopt 3-3-1 project management system (i.e. 3 managers, 3 quality-control members, and 1 coordinator) Service advantages We provide the best tailored solutions to customers, provide excellent pre-sales consulting and after sales service.
No. Item Consumption value Remarks
1 Natural gas 350Nm3/h Heat value: 8900Kcal/Nm3 8900Kcal/Nm3
2 Cycle water 12m3/h
3 Soft water 4 m3/h
4 Electric 5KWh/t
5 Nitrogen 12 Nm3/time 12 Nm3/
6 Compressed air 0.2 Nm3/time 0.2 Nm3/