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Suitable for baking chemical gas and food processing industry to bake goods, substrate stress removal, ink curing, paint film drying,¬†electronics, electrical, communications, electroplating, plastic, metal,composite,chemical, food, printing, pharmaceutical, PC board, powder, immersion, spraying, glass, ceramics, wood building materials...... And so on the precision baking, drying, tempering, preheating, shaping, processing and so on. Structure of industrial oven The industrial oven is an internal and external double-layer structure, the shell is an angle steel thin steel plate, and a fiber material is filled between the inner and outer double-layer shells. The fiber material used in the industrial oven is mainly aluminum silicate, and can play the role of heat preservation and form a reliable heat-insulating layer. The industrial oven is equipped with a hot air circulation system and a temperature measurement and control system. The principle of an industrial oven When the industrial oven is working, the operator obtains the temperature value inside the industrial oven through the instrument and the temperature sensor, and operates through the control system. Compared with the ordinary heat dissipation heating method, the hot air circulation heating mode of the industrial oven has better gas flow and can speed up the drying speed of the materials in the industrial oven. The hot air circulation system of industrial oven is composed of air supply motor, air turbine and electric heater. The air supply motor drives the air turbine to send out cold air. The cold air is heated by electric heating equipment and carries heat energy, and then enters the oven studio through the air duct. The hot air circulation system of industrial oven is beneficial to improve the uniformity of air temperature. in the process of transporting materials at the door of industrial oven switch box, the temperature value will be affected, and the uniformity of hot air circulation system will be beneficial to restore the temperature value of working state within the maximum speed. Daily maintenance 1.Clean the surface and inner cavity dust and keep the machine clean and hygienic. 2. Check whether the ammeter current is the same as normal, if anything, notify the repairman to repair. 3. When there is a sudden power outage, turn off the heating switch to prevent automatic start on incoming calls. 4. Check that the fan is running properly and if there is any abnormal sound, if there is an immediate shutdown of the machine and notify the repairman to overhaul. Monthly maintenance 1.Check the vents for blockage and clean up the dust. 2. Whether the fan is running properly and whether it is reversed or not. 3. The repairman checks whether the current is normal. 4. Check that the temperature controller is accurate. If it is not accurate, please adjust the static compensation or sensor correction value of the temperature controller. 5. Check the heating pipe for damage and aging of the line. Characteristics of the equipment 1,Design according to the proportion of human engineering, easy operation, modern appearance. 2,Argon Arc full Welding of all stainless Steel in Inner to prevent dust from the machine itself. 3,Unique air-duct design to ensure the temperature inside is uniformity 4,First-class technology of heat &thermal insulation, sealing effect is excellent. 5,Double over-temperature protection, safer and more reliable. 6,Heating up fast, and the temperature is stable and accurate. 7,The shell temperature is low, which has little effect on the indoor environment temperature. 8,According to the product set up a variety of heating and air mode, energy saving, safety and environmental protection. 9,Module design:Each section manipulation and operation in flexible independently can be available. 10,Colors can be customized base on color card.