Short Lead Time for Natural Gas Furnace - Continuous Forging Furnace – Yinuo

Product features: 1. Gas furnace temperature uniform, uniform heat workpiece; 2. Large loading capacity and high productivity of gas furnace; 3.Good insulation performance of gas furnace body, energy saving and production cost reduction; 4. Gas furnace filling royal material convenient, good operating conditions; 5. The gas furnace is equipped with interlocking protection device to prevent faults and accidents caused by misoperation; 6. No pollution, good environmental benefits. Structure introduction 1. Burner selection: the burner is configured according to the maximum gas consumption of the furnace. The furnace top height and low temperature section are equipped with measuring instruments. 2. In order to meet the requirements of continuous forging heating furnace to heat the forging, 3 hot spots are generally used, the low temperature section is the bottom of the real furnace, the high temperature section is the upper and lower heating and end heating, in order to ensure the workpiece upper and lower temperature uniformity, the heat-resistant slide rail brick is used. 3. Furnace structure: steel plate ring and steel column support structure are adopted at the periphery of the furnace wall. High quality high aluminum refractory brick and light insulation brick are adopted at both sides of the furnace wall. The steel plate and light insulation brick are lined with thermal insulation fiber felt. The bottom water beam is wrapped with self-flowing castable, which can effectively reduce heat dissipation and service life.The temperature outside the heating furnace shall not exceed 105 ℃, and the top shall not exceed 120 ℃. 4. Smoke exhaust: steel chimney is adopted for smoke exhaust, and a radial preheater with rib tube is set at the smoke exhaust to increase the preheating temperature of air, and the air temperature is preheated to 200~250°C.After the air is fed into the preheater by the fan, the hot air enters the burner, which makes full use of the waste heat of the flue gas, so that the furnace can improve the heat efficiency and reduce the energy consumption. 5. Temperature control: fuzzy PID operation and self-tuning control method are adopted to control the start and stop working sequence of each burner by outputting periodic cyclic pulse signal. This control method and adjustment method combined with reliable advanced burner control equipment is the best control scheme for various heating furnaces.Single burner can also be independently adjusted (mainly used in furnace temperature uniformity debugging).At the same time, the system can be converted to intelligent instrument control mode and manual control, in case of emergency treatment in various special circumstances.In order to ensure the safe operation of each burner, each burner is equipped with flame detector and automatic ignition device, and the gas pipeline before burner is equipped with solenoid valve to ensure the safe combustion of gas. 6. The pipeline adopts automatic control and manual control.The gas pipeline is equipped with manual ball valve, NR electric actuator, high temperature disc valve, solenoid valve, pressure gauge and other components. When the automatic control fails, the safety cut-off function of the heating furnace air supply system can be realized by manual means. 7. The electrical control system consists of an electrical control cabinet, which is used to install PID, air switch, ac contactor, corresponding indicator light, intelligent temperature controller and other executive components.